What should you look for –as a startup- in a chatbot?

5 minutes read

There are millions of chatbots out there but still, each one has its unique features and benefits! Picking the right one for your business might sound tricky but making the right decision will certainly have a great impact on the level of the resources and maintaining a positive customer experience.


While startups have managed to create a strong market of their own by addressing a huge gap in the mainstream one (maybe you would want to know how far they have succeeded here) that did not offer more specialized, diverse and personalized solutions, they are still facing some challenges that hinder their progress. Among these challenges are the limitation of resources, capacities and maintaining a successful customer relationship.

Despite the fact that each challenge is tackled on its own, the interconnectedness between them is hard to miss. The lack of clear vision regarding managing the resources might eventually lead to mismanagement of the capacities of the executing teams, manifested in overloading or unjustifiably extra personnel handling small bits of the work process.

Those startups really understand how technology is valuable to transforming work processes into more seamless and efficient ones. Hence, there has been great interest in automating a lot of their services with the aim of succeeding over the level of the resources as well as customer satisfaction.

Taking on chatbots has been one of the greatest go-to options most of the businesses have sought after, to improve their overall performance and even achieve better ROIs.

The question now is; What should a startup look for in a chatbot that can benefit your business?

To answer this question, we will bring you some valuable insights from one of our use cases we prepared this year. Realizing the pain points there, we could see some commonalities already and hence some of the solutions therein offered by a chatbot to relieve and eliminate those hurdles.

- Firstly, the chatbot is capable of maintaining communication 24/7 and therefore, it keeps a higher level of engagement and communication in different time zones.

- Secondly, startups usually pour a massive amount of information on their websites, leading to overwhelming the visitors and in turn causing low subscriptions, sales conversion and lead generation. Picking a chatbot that brings a widget makes it easier for you to categorize your services and solutions in one place and even gathers your different call to actions in this same place ensuring diverse conversational experiences.

- Thirdly, having monitoring and optimization tools that oversee the customer interaction with the chatbot is definitely something that enables you to know more about your performance and optimize your gaps as fast as possible, contributing to your time and resources efficiency, reflecting more on the resources hurdle. Moreover, this will help improve your quality in processing your customer requests and living up to their expectations by understanding their growing interests.

- Fourth and most importantly, having a platform that offers you the seamless management of your Conversational AI channel, as well as your live chat with customers throughout all your customer experience channels, is definitely going to be a great asset for you, contributing to maintaining the interaction with your customers and even never losing any of them by handing them over smoothly and easily to your human agent.

It is also important to note that you generally need to look for a conversational AI platform and not just a chatbot solution, as we are past the times of reciting mere scripts using a chat interface and in the look for an intelligent platform powered with AI.

Finally, as chatbots are forecasted to revolutionize the contact centers industry and contribute to its savings and efficiency, it seems about time for you to step up to the game and automate your services to stand out and progress.